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I’m Irena, a translator, transcreator, and editor, working in English and Polish. Take a look at the services I offer and the areas in which I specialise. And email me if there is a project with which I can help.


Your text is translated and proofread, with consideration of what you need to say and to whom. You receive content that is ready to meet its target audience.


Your text is adapted, or in other words: creatively translated. All to express the concept behind the words. You receive content that has the intended effect on your target audience.


Your text is tweaked or heavily edited, depending on what it needs. You receive content that is error-free and fit for its purpose.

Linguistic review

The quality of your text is checked, according to formal and linguistic criteria. You receive a thorough analysis of your material in the form of a report with recommendations.


Brochures, press releases, presentations, web content, white papers and more. My services help you present your work to the target language audience.


Artwork descriptions, artist biographies, exhibition labels, booklets and more. My services help you showcase artworks and present artists.


Reviews, articles, blog entries, social media content and more. My services help your target language readers stay informed.


Manuals, guides, newsletters, assessments, surveys, brochures and more. My services help you expand the knowledge of your students.


Irena Wypych

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